How to Treat Digital Eye Strain
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How to Treat Digital Eye Strain

Because most of today’s work requires being in front of the computer and other digital devices, there’s a big chance you’re getting digital eye strain on a regular basis.

But don’t fret because there are practical ways to treat digital eye strain before it gets worse. That’s why today’s post aims to provide tips and tricks to achieve this.

Adjust the text size and screen colour.

Adjust the text size and screen colour

The longer you spend in front of your computer, the more it makes sense to adjust settings to suit your comfort level and health needs. So by all means, use your device’s settings to make things more readable and less of a strain on your eyes.

Aside from adjusting to bigger text sizes, you can also use apps that shift colours on your screen. These blue-light filter apps can be timed to shift to a yellower hue so there’s less exposure. 

You can look for blue-light filter lenses at your favourite optical shops, as well. These are designed to protect your eyes from harmful blue rays while you work and can be integrated into your corrective lenses if you prefer them. 

Take frequent breaks from digital devices.

Take frequent breaks from digital devices

When you experience digital eye strain, it’s not something that eye creams for dark circles can permanently fix. It’s typically more of a lifestyle issue.

So if you’re constantly glued to your smartphone or laptop computer, maybe it’s high time you gave your peepers a much-deserved break. In fact, make it a conscious effort to switch off your devices and not rely on them too much to be updated about social media stuff.

It’s also good to make it a habit to switch off your electronic devices at least an hour before bedtime to get better and more restful sleep.

Get some eye exercises.

Get some eye exercises

Baic eye health care doesn’t need to be expensive or even cost anything at all! In fact, most eye clinics recommend that you practice eye exercises to relax your eye muscles and prevent your eyes from drying up.

You can do side-eye exercises, roll your eyes gently, and place the meaty part of your palms gently over your closed eyelids. Making sure that your eyes are constantly moist can help prevent expensive Lasik surgery down the line. 

Ophthalmologists would also want you to strengthen the motions of your eye sockets, so pause from work once in a while to glance upwards and downwards a few times to balance your upper and lower eye muscles.

Keep properly hydrated at all times.

Keep properly hydrated at all times

It’s good practice to keep a a full water bottle with you at all times when you’re working in front of the computer (or even while gaming). You can get so immersed in the task at hand that you might forget to rehydrate, which is bad for your overall health.

Staying hydrated can prevent your eyes from drying out so keep drinking water while sitting down. However, it’s also practical to get up from your chair once in a while for better blood circulation and to rest your eyes.

With that in mind, think of investing in a water dispenser or a water filter which can keep you on your feet from time to time.

While you’re at it, consider getting a humidifier in your airconditioned work space so your eyes won’t dry out and feel irritated.