Common Symptoms of Eye Problems in Children
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Common Symptoms of Eye Problems in Children

From the moment they’re born to when they reach school age, parents should be constantly aware of their kids’ visual health. 

Today, we’re taking a closer look at some common symptoms of eye problems in children. Childhood eye problems are best identified as early as possible so they can be diagnosed and treated ASAP.

We hope this post becomes a handy resource in identifying early warning signs for your kids’ vision concerns.

Frequent eye rubbing or fast blinking

Frequent eye rubbing or fast blinking

If you’ve been noticing that your child has been rubbing their eyes a lot lately or blinking fast, it could be caused by several things. 

If it’s accompanied by a runny nose and sneezing every morning, there’s a big chance that it’s allergic rhinitis. Taking your child to an ENT specialist can clear this up and allow you to address the allergens properly.

However, blinking and eye-rubbing can also be an indication of potential nearsightedness. The practical way to determine if your child might need corrective lenses is to bring them to the best optical shops in Singapore

Dilated pupil/s

Dilated pupils

A child with light-coloured eyes might have pupils that appear bigger than most. But once exposed to bright light, the pupils should shrink in size as a natural response.

So if your child’s pupils don’t react to light or if one is bigger than the other, it’s time to be concerned about their eye health care

A pediatric ophthalmologist can shed light on what could be causing dilated pupils and what could be done about them. So don’t wait until the situation worsens before calling for an appointment.

Sensitivity to light

Sensitivity to light

A previously published post on how light affects our sleep states the importance of avoiding blue light-emitting devices at least an hour before bedtime. Doing this will help discourage sleep apnea and other disorders that could be preventing you from getting enough sleep.

But if your child seems overly sensitive to light (whether it’s natural or artificial) and often wake up with dark eye circles, it might warrant a visit to the eye doctor. 

It could be a simple matter of investing in a good sleep mask or something more serious that requires long-term treatment or even surgery. At any rate, get that pediatric ophthalmologist appointment ASAP.

Complaints of constant itchiness or eye pain

Complaints of constant itchiness or eye pain

As previously stated, constant eye itchiness could be a simple sign of irritation, so bust out that vacuum cleaner and make sure your kid’s environment is as hygienic as you can make it.

But if the itching is accompanied by complaints of pain and irritation, then don’t hesitate to go take your child to the best eye clinic in Singapore as soon as possible. 

The eye doctor can get your child’s eyes properly diagnosed with the right tests and thorough health screening. The results might be as simple as an allergic reaction or something more worrying like conjunctivitis.

They can then recommend appropriate treatment, medication, or procedures to correct what needs to be corrected.