Humidifier vs. Diffuser Take Your Pick
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Humidifier vs. Diffuser: Take Your Pick

A lot of people can’t tell the difference between a humidifier and a diffuser. If you’re one of them, your confusion stops here and now!

Today, we’re going to discuss some major differences between the two. And after knowing them, you can hopefully learn which one suits your lifestyle and needs best.

Which can improve air quality in a space?

Which can improve air quality in a space

Both diffusers and humidifiers can help improve your room’s air quality, albeit in different ways. 

A reliable humidifier is especially helpful if the air is too dry (and if you keep your aircon on all the time). It can add moisture to the air and help you get better sleep in the process. 

On the other hand, a diffuser can also help prevent bacterial and fungal buildup in your room if used with the right types of essential oils. So yes, it can also help you achieve better-quality slumber in this sense.

Which has therapeutic effects?

Which has therapeutic effects

If you love going to your favourite spa because of the way it smells, then you might want your own spa-like experience at home. A diffuser can help you achieve this, thanks to its aromatherapy capacities. 

You can experience a more therapeutic ambience with an essential oil diffuser especially if you use chamomile, lavender, and other oil blends designed to make you relaxed less stressed.

But if it’s the cloying heat and musty odours you want to be rid of, a dehumidifier might fill the bill. It won’t just mask the offensive smell with powerful scents but help rid a space with potential sources of bacteria, mould, and other air contaminants and allergens.

Which is more space-saving?

Which is more space-saving

The great news is that both diffuser and humidifier won’t likely take up too much space in a room. Most models can be kept by your bed near your bedside lamps and other sleep-time accessories.

Plenty of air purifiers that diffuse scents are about the size of a small bowl or vase and are portable enough to carry from room to room. However, since they often come with tiny essential oil bottles, you might need a separate compartment to keep those.

On the other hand, a humidifier’s size can range from just under four inches to something as tall as a tower fan. It really depends on how big your room is and the area that you need to humidify.

Which is easier on the pocket?

Which is easier on the pocket

Depending on its type, a diffuser can cost anywhere between $10 to $170. This is why you’ll need to consider important factors like room size, oil type compatibility, safety features, and the kind of maintenance it requires.

A humidifier’s price tag can range from $20 to $370. Again, square footage, unit size, extra features, brand, and the kind of humidifying technology used will play a big role in how much you’ll spend for one.

So weigh the price against what you really need to improve the air quality in certain spaces of your home. Only then can you figure out if it’s worth it.