Why You Should Exfoliate (And 4 Ways to Do It!)
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Why You Should Exfoliate (And 4 Ways to Do It!)

Getting rid of your dead skin cells and other impurities might not seem like something that requires a lot of thought. In fact, it’s become part of most people’s regular skincare routine.

But why do you need to exfoliate in the first place? And how can you be sure you’re doing it properly?

Today’s post aims to explain why and how to exfoliate properly and give practical tips to go about it.

Why? For dull skin. How? By using facial scrubs!

Why For dull skin. How By using facial scrubs!

While your body has its way of shedding dead skin cells naturally, the slow process can lead to dull or dry-looking skin. You can speed up exfoliation a bit by using a gentle facial scrub along with your favourite skin cleanser.

You can consult your trusted skin specialist on the best facial scrub for your particular skin type, and how often you should use it. It’s also good to do some research on the other skin products that work well with your exfoliant of choice.

If done properly, a facial scrub is a more affordable alternative to a HIFU session though the results can be as satisfying. 

Why? Because of a flakey scalp. How? With a scalp scrub!

Why Because of a flakey scalp. How With a scalp scrub!

Got a flakey scalp that no anti-dandruff shampoo can seem to treat? The great news is that scalp scrubs exist and might be able to help!

Don’t forget that your scalp is part of your skin and should also be treated like the rest covering your entire body. A scalp scrub is a luxurious yet practical way to ensure that you’re cleaning it gently and thoroughly while promoting healthy blood circulation.

A note of caution: always use your fingertips (not nails!) to rub your scalp with any product. In turn, you won’t have to rely on anti-dandruff or hair loss shampoos if you use this exfoliating product properly.  

Why? Because of dry skin. How? By using a loofah or shower pouf!

Why Because of dry skin. How By using a loofah or shower pouf!

The best way to use a body scrub is still with your hands so you can feel where it needs extra exfoliation (plus your body’s warmth can activate certain ingredients faster).

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little help from a loofah or a shower sponge or pouf. It will help you shed dead skin cells faster and cover more areas in a shorter amount of time.

But care must be taken to ensure that your exfoliating tools are germ and bacteria-free so make sure to wash them after use. And always use your favourite moisturizer for your particular skin type so your skin won’t dry out after exfoliation.

Why? For acne-prone skin. How? By using salicylic acid.

Why For acne-prone skin. How By using salicylic acid.

If you have acne-prone skin, regular exfoliating using scrubs and loofahs might be too harsh for you. The best way to know how to go about it is to consult either a dermatologist or aesthetic doctor

You will likely get prescribed acne creams with salicylic acid to prevent future breakouts while gently exfoliating your skin. This ingredient is also an oil-soluble one so it penetrates easily into your skin and follicles and allows a speedier treatment process.

There are also some non-invasive acne scar treatments in the form of exfoliating serums and gels, so make sure to ask your dermatologist about them.