Best Private Investigators in Singapore

10 Best Private Investigators in Singapore: 2021 List

Some people think one would only need the best private investigators in Singapore for criminal cases. But as you probably already know, they’re actually useful for unearthing information necessary for a lot of other things.

For those who are planning to start a business partnership, they will be able to conduct a thorough company background check, for example. This can help them avoid business partners with records of dishonesty.

The best private investigators in Singapore can even help you solve grave personal mysteries or problems. For example, they can help you find a missing person.

But you do have to ensure that the Singapore private investigator you pick is reliable and professional. Their company should also be approved by authorities like the Singapore Police Force.

Luckily for you, all those things are true of the PI Singapore in this list. If you need a professional for your current situation, below are some of the best private investigators in Singapore.

1. Universal Private Investigators

BEST FOR Skilled Private Investigators
ADDRESS 71 Robinson Road
OPERATING HOURS Open Daily, 9am to 10pm

Universal Private Investigators is a platform that helps you get in touch with highly skilled private investigators around Singapore. With the numerous SG investigators they’re connected to, there’s no doubt that you’ll be able to find an expert who can address your specialised concerns.

From fugitive tracking to asset recovery, they’ve got someone who can help you accordingly. Take advantage of their free quote and contact them now!

Service Highlights

  • Free quote available
  • Through and speedy private investigators

2. SK

SK's Logo

BEST FOR: Overseas Investigations and Operations



ADDRESS: 511 Guillemard Road #01-31 Grandlink Square Singapore 399849


OPERATING HOURS: Open Daily, 9am to 10pm

SK can be considered one of the longest-operating investigation services on the island. They’ve been in business for more than 20 years! 

Because of their longevity in the business, many consider them to be the most reliable private investigator in Singapore.

Possibly the most outstanding thing about this company is that they do an initial evaluation at the start of each project. They then give different strategic options to customers before finalising the plan for the project.

For each suggested proposal, there will be an estimated quotation too, so you can balance your budget along with your choices. Therefore, if you’re on a tight budget but still want to receive excellent services from a Singapore top investigator, their offers might be ideal for you.

Service Highlights

  • Variety of investigation options drawn up by professionals
  • Practical quotations
  • Free consultation services

Customer Reviews

Aside from being recognised internationally, they are also associated with prominent organisations, making them a reliable and trusted brand.

A reviewer gave this 5-star rated feedback on Google Reviews:

“I needed to investigate a private matter on a rush notice.I called them on a Friday and by Monday morning I had all the information I needed and more. The report was very detailed, informative  and definitely more than I expected. The price was very reasonable and actually lower than 2 other quotes obtained. Very highly recommended if you need something investigated fast. No nonsense, Quick and to the point, you can’t go wrong with this agency.”

3. Asia Top Investigation LLP

Asia Top Investigation LLP's Homepage

BEST FOR Full range private investigation service
ADDRESS #04-3639 Blk, 164 Bukit Merah Central, Singapore 150164
CONTACT DETAILS +65 96511969 | [email protected] 
OPERATING HOURS 24 Hours, daily

Whatever issues you may be dealing with that heavily requires a private detective in Singapore, note that you can always find some of the best ones at Asia Top Investigation LLP. This agency has more than 60 certified private investigators, who are dedicated to bringing you accurate and credible results.

Some of the specializations the agency showcases are Matrimonial Investigation, Commercial Investigation, Anti-spy Smartphone Detection, etc. The team recognizes that each of their clients has unique concerns, hence they offer the most suitable and cost-effective methods for each of their cases.

Save yourself from the stress and follow your gut, should you feel something odd and leave the digging to the pro.

Service Highlights

  • Integrates Artificial Intelligence
  • Free initial consultation
  • Well-trained and experienced PIs

4. International Investigators

International Investigators' Logo

BEST FOR: In-House Counselling/Legal Counsel



ADDRESS: 60 Albert Street #08-06, OG Albert Complex (Bugis MRT) Singapore 189969

CONTACT DETAILS: +65 63376608, +65 63379608

OPERATING HOURS: Open Daily, 8am to 11pm

Whether for local or foreign cases, International Investigators will be able to plan and execute an accomplished scheme for your case. Compared to their competitors, they are a private investigator in Singapore that specialises on corporate and matrimonial cases.

Hence, they also prioritise the emotional state of their clients. They make sure that you will not only get technical and legal support, but will also receive counselling to help you stabilise your emotions and keep you in good condition.

Because of their concern for their client’s well-being, we consider them to be one of Singapore’s best investigator.

For those who are going through a hard time with their family situations or business issues, their team will certainly serve you with utmost competence, and at an affordable rate.

Service Highlights

  • Family or marriage counselling
  • Pre-employment screening
  • Child custody

Customer Reviews

International Investigators have been covered by various media because of their incredible work. Many agree that they should be listed as some of the best private investigators in Singapore.

Jenny shared her own experience on Google Reviews:

 “I was fortunate to be referred by a lawyer friend to International Investigators. International Investigators did an excellent task to prove that my ex-employee made false allegation against my company. This ex ex-employee was given a stern warning by the authorities and ordered to make compensation for breach of employment contract. Keep up the good work!”

5. Ranger Security

Ranger Security's Logo

BEST FOR: Investigation and Security Services



ADDRESS: Block 808 French Road #07-183 and #06-169 Singapore 200808

CONTACT DETAILS: +65 6296 9582 or +65 6296 9583  

OPERATING HOURS: Open Daily, 24 Hours

Ranger Security takes pride in their investigation methods, which embody traditional and modern investigation techniques. This kind of strategy has brought them many successful projects and satisfied clients.

They also provide clients a safe and secured environment when necessary, with trained security personnel services for large corporations.

The company is equipped with a team that has expertise in modern systems that will protect your corporation from any harm. You can depend on them to build innovative methods for more successful investigations.

It’s also worth noting that Ranger Security has been in the industry since the 1980s. That lengthy experience has led them to develop a wide range of services that will definitely be to your advantage.

Service Highlights

  • Litigation services
  • Assigning security officers
  • Installation of advanced technology for safety purposes

6.  AK Global Investigation PTE LTD

AK Global Investigation PTE LTD's Logo

BEST FOR: Wide Range of Investigation Services and Affordable Rates



ADDRESS: 5001 Beach Road #07-52, Golden Mile Complex, Singapore 199588

CONTACT DETAILS +(65) 6222 7227

OPERATING HOURS Open Daily, 24 Hours

AK Global Investigation PTE LTD has been serving local and international customers with an experienced and highly-trained team for over a decade. That experience has served them well, earning them a spot in this list of the best private investigators in Singapore.

Their services range from employees and child movement to matrimonial, missing persons, computer forensics, and more. They have even collaborated with an investigation and security consultancy film in Korea.

Service Highlights

  • Low-cost packages
  • Account forensic services
  • Email traces

Customer Reviews

With AK Global Investigation PTE LTD’s efficient background checks, cyber forensics, corporate investigations, and even the spycam installation services, they have earned the trust and faith of their clients. A reviewer from Google Reviews wrote:

“From Case no K01710100, to investigate on my infidelity husband. I am satisfied with your quick updates and results. You provide good after sales service. Thanks to you!”

7. CDiC Consultants

CDiC Consultants' Logo

BEST FOR: Intellectual Property Investigation Services



ADDRESS: 164 Bukit Merah Central #04-3645 Singapore 150164

CONTACT DETAILS: +65 6377 2723

CDiC Consultants is a member of several prestigious and world-class organisations as well as the recipient of awards and certifications by various renowned institutions. Their professionalism makes them some of the best private investigators in Singapore.

Their services cover commercial, intellectual property, matrimonial and family, digital forensics, and litigation support.

Service Highlights

  • Commendable work ethics
  • Certified professional investigators
  • Variety of services

8. Privateye Investigation & Consultancy

Private Eye's Logo

BEST FOR: General Investigations and Consultancy

SERVICES:, Commercial Investigations & Matrimonial Investigations


ADDRESS: 60 Paya Lebar Road #12-41 Paya Lebar Square (Office Lobby 2) Singapore 409051

CONTACT DETAILS: +65 6386 2010 / +65 9046 5299 (Jeffrey) / +65 9880 1892 (Joey)

OPERATING HOURS: Open Daily, 24 Hours Hotline

Are you planning to start up a business with a team and want to be reassured that everything will go well as you prepare for the big day ahead? Or have you been receiving false accusations at work?

If you need a Singapore private detective for these cases, Private Eye will help you put your mind at ease. They are a one-stop private consultancy and investigation company that offers a large scope of services such as commercial investigation, key personnel background checks, compensation claims investigation, etc.

With their proficiency and success, they have quickly become an award-winning company in their field. They’ve also been acknowledged by the distinguished institutions.  

Service Highlights

  • Digital forensics services
  • Surveillance services
  • Responsive and attentive team 

Customer Reviews

According to their records, all of their previous clients have been highly satisfied with the outcome of each project.

Customers also say these investigators will listen and be considerate of your concerns, keep all the information confidential, and perform competent operations.

Mr. Johnson left this feedback on the company’s official website:

“Happy to work with Privateye. You were always willing to listen to my concerns or questions and do the necessary follow-up to get the answers we needed. You did a great job collecting, organizing and collating large amounts of data into a very user friendly format. You are not over a very great team player, I also have to say that you have been helping us go through many tough cases.” 

9. DP Quest Investigation Consultancy Pte Ltd

DP Quest Investigation Consultancy Pte Ltd's Homepage

BEST FOR A wide range of private investigation services
ADDRESS 261 Waterloo Street #02-17, Waterloo Centre, Singapore 180261

Founded in 2005, DP Quest Investigation Consultancy Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based private investigation firm that has successfully conducted hundreds of personal and business-related investigations over the years.

Their team consists of seasoned and licensed private investigators with a law enforcement background. They use their extensive experience in criminal and commercial investigation and the latest surveillance technology to help you get results.

Because they have been in the business for more than 15 years, many consider them to be a Singapore top private investigator.

Service Highlights

  • Quick results
  • Forthcoming with data
  • Thorough with their research


BEST FOR: Matrimonial Cases

SERVICES: Private Investigation, Monitoring Spouses, Child Custody, Counselling, Legal Advisors


ADDRESS: 60 Albert Street #08-06, Singapore 189969

CONTACT DETAILS: Main Line : 6337 6608 / Helpline : 6337 9608 / Expats Hotline : 6734 3809 / WeChat ID: WorldExplorers / Email: [email protected]

OPERATING HOURS: Monday – Friday: 10:00am – 06:00pm (Appointments only) / Saturday – Sunday: Appointments only

Are you worried that your spouse may be cheating on you? Put those worries to rest by hiring CS INTL.

Their private investigators are thoroughly trained and possess the needed set of skills for their line of work. They also offer legal services, so you can rest assured that if you’re seeking a divorce, you’ll be represented properly in court.

Service Highlights

  • Free consultation available
  • Thoroughly trained private investigators


This wraps up our list of the best private investigators in Singapore. Whichever of these you choose, they should be more than capable of fashioning a solution for you.

Of course, bear in mind that obtaining private investigators’ services requires you to consider a lot of factors. It’s perfectly reasonable if you want to check out more than one of the investigators in this list first, for example.

And by the way, this is only one of our many resources for people seeking specific services on the island. For instance, if you need the best locksmiths in Singapore, you can check out our list of those too.