Best Private Investigators in Singapore
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The 10 Best Private Investigators in Singapore

Looking for someone who can do a background check on a potential business partner? Well, consider yourself lucky because we’re here to share our picks for the best private investigators in Singapore.

Contrary to popular belief, private investigators aren’t needed only for criminal cases. Most of them help individuals regarding personal and business matters as well: to confirm if your spouse is cheating, for example.

Before we get to our list though, we’ll look at the cost of hiring private investigators on the island. We’ve answered a few questions about them as well, which you’ll see at the end of this article.

The Cost of Private Investigators in Singapore

Before hiring private investigators in Singapore, it’s important to understand how much their services typically cost and the factors that affect their rates. We’re going to admit right away that hiring one isn’t going to be cheap.

There’s a wide spectrum of factors that affect their prices, including location, equipment, type of work, duration of work, the subject, and the level of information to be obtained from the subject.

Even the least in-demand private investigators on the island could set off your back account by a huge sum, so better be prepared for everything to avoid being in conflict with your hired detective.

Private investigators do a broad range of work, such as general surveillance, background checks, finding a missing person, tracking movements of family members, and general investigation related to criminal cases, among others.

When it comes to general surveillance, most private investigators charge an hourly rate that ranges from $100 to $300, depending on their experience. This doesn’t include accommodation and transportation.

If the type of work requires more hours or days, other private investigation firms would charge a lump sum for their services, ranging from $1,000 to $6,000.

According to our research, the average cost of a 30-hour case is somewhere between $2,000 to $4,000.

We highly suggest comparing the charges and fees of private investigation firms as their fees aren’t monitored and regulated by Singaporean authorities. While there’s no doubt that this type of service is expensive, other firms may take advantage of that to charge their clients with ridiculously high fees.

The Best Private Investigators in Singapore

After going over the rates of private investigators on the island, it’s time to move on to our picks! Check them out below to see which one can best accommodate your concern.

1.   Asia Top Investigation LLP

Asia Top Investigation LLP's Homepage
SCOPE OF SERVICESGeneral investigation, litigation support investigation, anti-spy smartphone detection, digital forensics, commercial investigation, and matrimonial investigation
PRICINGCall their hotline for more details
ADDRESSPark Avenue  Rochester.
31 Rochester Drive
Level 24-Suite 1
Singapore 138637
CONTACT DETAILS+65 9651 1969
[email protected]

Asia Top Investigation is a prominent private investigation firm that’s been featured on numerous news channels and publications like NBC, FOX, CBS, The Strait Times, and The Times — which says a lot about the quality of its services.

Right off the bat, we’re quite impressed with how large its investigation team is. Asia Top Investigation employs more than 60 certified private investigators, so expect that there will be no shortage of detectives who can accept your case.

Some of the cases handled by its private investigators include commercial investigation, general surveillance, matrimonial investigation, digital forensics, and anti-spy smartphone detection, among others.

Asia Top Investigation’s private investigators are trained in gathering important information through any means possible, including technology. It equips its team with latest evidence gathering equipment to make sure that no information will pass them by.

When it comes to costs, Asia Top Investigation knows that private investigation services aren’t cheap, but its tailor-made approaches can reduce the total cost of the investigation without sacrificing its quality.


  • More than 45 years of experience
  • Large private investigating team
  • Free consultation
  • Uses artificial intelligence technology


  • Rates are above average

Customer Reviews

Here’s what past customers had to say about its services:

“I really appreciated Vincent’s help. My case was quite complex and tough to execute, but Vincent and his team were able to plan strategically and execute effectively. Throughout the process, he offered very candid advice and went above and beyond to help me. The team was also very professional and responsive all the time, and able to react fast and address a couple of last minutes requests. I was happy with the outcome, and would highly recommend this firm to anyone who needs such services.” -DJ Lee

“Really thankful to Mr. Vincent for the background check & everything… Let me see the light and understand the truth… Your extra work & detailed report really means a lot to me & it’s useful for my case.. I’m brave enough to engage lawyer’s help after hearing your kind piece of advice.. He’s a very caring person who understands my plight and offers heaps of support to assist. Little words can describe my gratitude to Mr. Vincent and his efficient team.. Will recommend all my friends to them should they need help in issues that require investigations” -Alicia Lee

2.   SK Investigation

SK Investigation's Homepage
SCOPE OF SERVICESOverseas operation, general surveillance, business investigation, intellectual property, employee fraud, background check, insurance claims investigation, adultery evidence, and financial fraud
PRICINGCall their hotline for more details
ADDRESS511 Guillemard Road #01-31 Grandlink Square Singapore 399849
CONTACT DETAILS+(65) 6440 4683
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Established in 1998, SK Investigation is considered one of the longest-operating investigation firms on the island, offering a wide range of investigation services. That’s mainly why it ended up on our list.

Aside from the typical general and spouse surveillance, SK Investigation handles overseas operations and corporate investigations, both of which are in-demand among clients who are running their own companies.

Its private investigators have travelled to almost every country in South and Southeast Asia, including Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan, China, South Korea, and Japan, among others.

Despite being one of the first private investigation firms in Singapore, SK Investigation doesn’t fall behind when it comes to using technology. Its detectives are trained in a wide range of gathering crucial information.

The most noteworthy characteristic about this firm is that it does an initial evaluation at the start of each project, providing customers with different strategic options before finalising the approach for each case.

For each suggested proposal, there will be an estimated quotation too, so you can balance your budget along with your choices.

Therefore, if you’re on a tight budget but still want to receive excellent services from a Singapore top investigator, SK Investigation may be the perfect option for you.


  • Free consultations
  • Reasonable rates
  • Can handle cases overseas
  • Licensed private investigators
  • Works with private and commercial clients


  • Has received complaints about customer service

Customer Reviews

Aside from being recognised internationally, SK Investigation is also associated with prominent organisations, making it a reliable and trusted company.

A reviewer gave this five-star feedback on Google Reviews:

“I needed to investigate a private matter on a rush notice.I called them on a Friday and by Monday morning I had all the information I needed and more. The report was very detailed, informative  and definitely more than I expected. The price was very reasonable and actually lower than 2 other quotes obtained. Very highly recommended if you need something investigated fast. No nonsense, Quick and to the point, you can’t go wrong with this agency.”

3.   International Investigators

International Investigators' Homepage
SCOPE OF SERVICESCommercial cases, matrimonial cases, overseas assignments, and in-house counselling
PRICINGCall their hotline for more details
ADDRESS60 Albert Street #08-06, OG Albert Complex (Bugis MRT) Singapore 189969
CONTACT DETAILS+65 6337 6608
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Sunday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Whether for local or foreign cases, International Investigators can plan and execute an accomplished scheme for your case. It ended up on our list based on two reasons.

First, compared to its competitors, it’s a private investigation firm that specialises on matrimonial and commercial cases. It doesn’t have the wide range services that other firms have, but its limited services allow it to focus each case.

Second, International Investigators knows how to prioritise the emotional state of its customers, as it mostly works with private individuals. You will not only receive technical and legal support but counselling as well to deal with what’s happening.

Its concern for its clients’ emotional wellbeing is enough for us to consider it one of the best private investigators in Singapore. However, there’s more to it than that.

International Investigators is open from Monday to Sunday, allowing customers to ask for help even during weekends. It’s also been praised for its excellent customer service and quick response to their queries.

It may be one of the largest private investigation firms in Singapore, but it has the expertise and dedication to help every client deal with a spousal or business problem.


  • Open seven days a week
  • Offers counselling
  • Competitive rates
  • Excellent customer service


  • Focuses on matrimonial and business cases

Customer Reviews

International Investigators have been covered by various media because of their incredible work. Many agree that they should be listed as some of the best private investigators in Singapore.

Jenny shared her own experience on Google Reviews:

“I was fortunate to be referred by a lawyer friend to International Investigators. International Investigators did an excellent task to prove that my ex-employee made false allegations against my company. This ex ex-employee was given a stern warning by the authorities and ordered to make compensation for breach of employment contract. Keep up the good work!”

Ivan Lim shared this comment:

“My relationship with my fiance deteriorated badly during the Circuit Breaker. I took quite some time before I decided to engage PI to check on her. True enough, she is having an extramarital affair with her superior who is married. Though heartbroken, I am grateful to International Investigators who displayed their  professionalism during the progress of the case till the end. Managed to call off the engagement in time, or I would have made a wrong decision and regret forever.”

4.   Ranger Security

Ranger Security's Homepage
SCOPE OF SERVICESCommercial cases, litigation support, general surveillance, domestic surveillance, matrimonial surveillance, and security personnel
PRICINGCall their hotline for more details
ADDRESSBlock 808 French Road #07-183 and #06-169 Singapore 200808
CONTACT DETAILS+65 6296 9582
+65 6296 9583

Ranger Security takes pride in its effective investigation methods, which capture both traditional and modern investigation techniques. It’s the kind of strategy that has brought them countless successful projects and satisfied clients.

Its private investigation services include general surveillance, matrimonial cases, commercial cases, locating missing persons, asset tracing, mobile phone data recovery, and employment surveillance, among others.

Ranger Security may seem like any other private investigation firm out there, but it stands out when it comes to protecting the lives and properties of its customers. It’s also armed with top-grade security equipment for the protection of your vital assets.

With its round-the-clock operation, customers who need urgent services may ask for its help any time of the day, including the wee hours of the night. No need to wait for the next business day to get in touch with a private detective.

It’s also worth noting that Ranger Security has been in the industry since the 1980s. That lengthy experience has led them to develop a wide range of services that will definitely be to your advantage.


  • Investigation and security services
  • More than 30 years of experience
  • Operates 24 hours
  • Surveillance and OSINT specialists


  • Mainly for commercial and matrimonial cases

5.   AK Global Investigation

AK Global Investigation's Homepage
SCOPE OF SERVICESCommercial cases, fraudulent investigations, account forensics, employees movement, matrimonial cases, child movement, missing persons, background checks, and email traces
PRICINGCall their hotline for more details
ADDRESS5001 Beach Road #07-52, Golden Mile Complex, Singapore 199588
CONTACT DETAILS+(65) 6222 7227

Established in 2005, AK Global Investigation has been helping local and international commercial and government agencies for more than a decade now. Its long list of experience alone earns it a spot in our list of the best private investigators in Singapore.

When it comes to costs, it admits it doesn’t have budget-friendly investigation services compared to other firms. One thing’s for sure, though: its private investigators will make sure that you will see the results of your hard-earned money.

Another thing we like about AK Global Investigation is its expertise in cyber forensics. In fact, we believe that it’s one of the few investigation firms in Singapore that can obtain digital evidence like email traces and browsing history.

If you believe that you’re being watched, this private investigation company can help with that as well. It also provides bug sweeping service, which is a detailed physical and technical inspection of your home or office to locate surveillance cameras.

In case a client needs legal support, there’s no need for them to contact a separate law firm as AK Global Investigation offers its own litigation services. It works closely with experienced lawyers and reputable law firms on the island.


  • Expert in cyber forensics
  • More than a decade of experience
  • Open to government agencies


  • Expensive services

6.   CDiC Consultants

CDiC Consultants' Homepage
SCOPE OF SERVICESCommercial investigation, digital investigation, computer forensics, intellectual property investigation, matrimonial surveillance, and general investigation
PRICINGCall their hotline for more details
ADDRESS164 Bukit Merah Central #04-3645 Singapore 150164
CONTACT DETAILS+65 6377 2723

CDiC Consultants is another private investigation firm with international recognition from professional and business organisations around the globe. It’s quite rare for a local firm to achieve this, so there’s no way we’re not adding it to our picks.

The range of its investigation services covers mainly family matters and business operations, such as commercial investigation, matrimonial investigation, intellectual property, and even litigation services.

CDiC Consultants’s expertise in computer forensics has led them to become one of the most trusted investigation firms by businesses of all sizes in Singapore. Most of these companies ask for its help to protect crucial and consequential corporate data.

Aside from mitigating cyberattacks, in case there’s someone sabotaging your business operations, CDiC Consultants is capable of tracing that person and preventing it from happening again.

CDiC Consultants has only been in the business for more than a decade, making it one of the younger firms in our list, but that doesn’t mean it falls short when it comes to experience.

Whether you want your spouse investigated or a background check on a potential employee, you definitely wouldn’t be disappointed with its services.


  • Operates 24/7
  • Digital forensics experts
  • Dedicated team of private investigators
  • With international recognition


  • No free quotation

7.   Privateye Investigation & Consultancy

Privateye Investigation & Consultancy's Homepage
SCOPE OF SERVICESCommercial investigation, matrimonial investigation, digital forensics, background checks, compensation claims investigation, and general surveillance
PRICINGCall their hotline for more details
ADDRESS60 Paya Lebar Road #12-41 Paya Lebar Square (Office Lobby 2) Singapore 409051
CONTACT DETAILS+65 6386 2010
+65 9046 5299 (Jeffrey)
+65 9880 1892 (Joey)

Privateye Investigation & Consultancy is a one-stop private consultancy and investigation firm with a large scope of services such as commercial investigation, key personnel background checks, and compensation claims investigation.

If other investigation agencies see clients as merely numbers added to their portfolio, consider this one different. It’s a customer-centric investigation firm that listens to your concerns attentively before coming up with an approach that would yield faster results.

Its elite team of private detectives is headed by Jeffrey Lim, an investigator with more than 20 years of experience in the Singapore police force. He’s handled hundreds of commercial and criminal cases of all degrees, so he’s definitely the perfect guy for the job.

The experience of its private investigators in the police force is what sets it apart from other investigation firms. If you want someone to investigate your spouse, you definitely want a guy who’s dealt with more extreme cases.

Privateye Investigation & Consultancy is open 24 hours a day from Monday to Sunday, allowing customers with emergency needs to hire its services any time of the day. Its hotline is also available every hour of the day.


  • Responsive and attentive team
  • Longer operating hours
  • Accepts emergency services


  • No online appointments

Customer Reviews

According to their records, all of their previous clients have been highly satisfied with the outcome of each project.

Customers also say these investigators will listen and be considerate of your concerns, keep all the information confidential, and perform competent operations.

Mr. Johnson left this feedback on the company’s official website:

“Happy to work with Privateye. You were always willing to listen to my concerns or questions and do the necessary follow-up to get the answers we needed. You did a great job collecting, organizing and collating large amounts of data into a very user friendly format. You are not a very great team player, I also have to say that you have been helping us go through many tough cases.”

Vera Krilova shared this on Google Reviews:

“Dedicated and trustworthy team! They’ve assisted me and made sure to see my case through it’s successful ending! Feel so lucky and grateful to know them at times when I need help the most. Thank you Privateye!!”

8.   DP Quest Investigation Consultancy

DP Quest Investigation Consultancy's Homepage
SCOPE OF SERVICESAdultery investigation, child custody, missing persons, commercial investigation, domestic helper check, employee check, competitor check, computer forensics, and mobile forensics
PRICINGCall their hotline for more details
ADDRESS261 Waterloo Street #02-17, Waterloo Centre, Singapore 180261
CONTACT DETAILS+65 6333 3398
+65 6334 4889
+65 6333 3398
+65 9450 4830
+65 6333 3315
[email protected]

Founded in 2005, DP Quest Investigation Consultancy is a local private investigation firm that has successfully conducted hundreds of personal and business-related investigations over the years. Here’s why we added it to our list:

For one, its team of licensed private investigators have background in law enforcement, so you can be sure that your case will be handled in accordance with Singapore’s law to prevent legal issues in the future.

Second, DP Quest Investigation Consultancy is known for not overcharging its customers, whether it’s a private individual or a local company. The quotation given to every client is the honest computation of the cost of its services.

Another thing we like about this private investigation firm is the multiple ways customers can get in touch with them. It has about five contact numbers, all of which are available 24 hours a day.

DP Quest Investigation Consultancy is the perfect option for you if you can only afford a cheap and short investigation service. It offers a 10-hour minimum surveillance package at a budget-friendly price.


  • Reliable customer service
  • Operates 24 hours a day
  • Offers surveillance packages
  • Open for private and commercial clients
  • Quick results


  • Has received complaints about response time

9.    CS INTL

CS INTL's Homepage
SCOPE OF SERVICESSpouse monitoring, child custody, counselling, and legal advisors
PRICINGCall their hotline for more details
ADDRESS60 Albert Street #08-06, Singapore 189969
6337 9608
6734 3809
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM (Appointments only)
Saturday to Sunday: Appointments only

Do you believe that your spouse is cheating but you don’t have hard evidence? If so, we recommend hiring CS INTL, one of the few private investigation firms in Singapore that specialises in catching cheating spouses.

What makes CS INTL stand out from other investigation firms is that it’s headed by a veteran lady investigator with more than three decades of experience in catching cheating spouses. That’s enough reason for us to add it to our list.

CS INTL mainly works with individuals who want to divorce their spouses but don’t have concrete evidence. Whatever form of evidence you want, its private investigators will do everything to get a hold of it.

Speaking of divorce, it also offers legal services, so there’s no need to look for a divorce lawyer who can represent you in court. You will be connected with its team of trusted lawyers who specialises in legal separation and child custody.

The only problem with CS INTL is that it’s not open for walk-ins, so all interested individuals will have to book an appointment. You may also have to wait given that there’s a long list of customers who want to get in touch with its detectives.


  • Free consultations
  • Responsive customer service
  • Accessible location


  • No walk-ins

FAQs about Private Investigators

This wraps up our list of the best private investigators in Singapore. Whichever of these you choose, they should be more than capable of fashioning a solution for you.

Of course, bear in mind that obtaining private investigators’ services requires you to consider a lot of factors. It’s perfectly reasonable if you want to check out more than one of the investigators in this list first, for example.

And by the way, this is only one of our many resources for people seeking specific services on the island. For instance, if you need the best locksmiths in Singapore, you can check out our list of those too.