How we rate

At Best in Singapore we only try to list the best products and services in Singapore. I know what you are thinking, how do we do it? With our 23 point checklist below.

Each product or service we review undergoes rigorous testing and needs to pass a certain set of guidelines, but in the essence of full disclosure not all products and services that we review are reviewed by us.

We aim to give unbiased and honest reviews, so you can expect that we won’t give any special treatment to all products, services, or businesses. In writing our reviews, we try to cover the following factors:

For Businesses or Services

Industry ExperienceAre they one of the market leaders? How long have they been in the industry?
ServicesWhat are their primary services?
Service QualityHow do their services compare to other industry rivals? 
Scope of ServicesDo they provide excellent pre-sales/after-sales services? 
Average PricingHow do their prices compare to other businesses/services? Are their prices well within the market average?
Special ServicesWhat other services do they have that those competitors don’t?
LocationIs their physical store in an easily-accessible place? How many branches do they have?
ContactHow do they engage with their customers (phone, email, social media accounts, etc.)?
Awards and AchievementsHave they been recipients of awards and achievements for their services?
Pros and ConsWhat advantages do they have over other competitors? What about the disadvantages?
Customer ExperienceHow well-received are they by their customer base? What are the common praises/criticisms for the business or service?

For Products

BrandIs the product from a trusted brand? 
Price PointHow much is the product? Is this higher or lower than other similar products in the market?
AvailabilityWhere can you buy the product (physical store, online stores, etc.)?
FeaturesWhat are the products’ selling points? 
Special FeaturesWhat features does the product have that similar products don’t? 
Pros and ConsWhy should or shouldn’t you buy the product?
Customer ExperienceWhat do owners of the product have to say about it after usage? Would they recommend it?