Best Chronographs in Singapore

The 6 Best Chronographs in Singapore for Less than $500

If you’ve always wanted to own the best chronographs in Singapore but don’t know where to look for an affordable one, worry no more because we’re here to make your dreams come true!

We found some of the most affordable chronographs that we think are worth the attention of every watch lover or collector out there. The chronographs we found are built from quality materials too, despite being priced lower than average.

Anyway, before moving on to our picks of the best chronographs in Singapore, we’re going to share a few important tips that may help you find the right chronograph for your needs. Knowing these things will make it a lot easier to choose from our list.

Let’s start, shall we?

How to Find the Best Chronographs in Singapore

When looking for the best chronographs in Singapore, or any watch for that matter, you have to consider more than just the looks.

You have to keep in mind the functionality as well if you want one that can give you your money’s worth.

On top of that, checking its legibility and movement will be a huge help towards finding the best chronographs in Singapore that fit both your needs and budget.

Let’s go over each point below.

1. Additional Functions

On top of keeping track of time, the best chronographs in Singapore are mainly used for stopwatch functions. This function can be used for a wide array of activities, from working out to brewing coffees.

If you need a chronograph for something as mundane as that, there’s no need to look for additional functions. However, if you have specific usage in mind, you probably should check a chronograph’s other features.

For example, maybe you need a chronograph that you can use while diving. In that case, look for chronographs with crystal-clear casing and a water resistance level of at least 100 meters (although the latter depends on your usual diving depth).

Or maybe you’re someone who ventures into challenging environments where temperature readings would be useful for survival. Some chronographs have temp readers for that!

Basically, if it’s vital to you that a watch has a particular feature, put it on your requirements list. That should help you narrow down your list of options very quickly.

Otherwise, go ahead and feel free to ignore the extra features on options. They’ll only drive up the price of the chronograph, in most cases — and all for functions that you don’t actually need.

2. Legibility

Legibility is another important consideration when looking for the best chronographs in Singapore — or any type of watch for that matter. Who would want a watch that doesn’t allow users to see things clearly?

Luckily, the majority of the manufacturers of chronographs have started improving the visuals of their products, making them a lot more reader-friendly.

If you have to squint just to see the watch face of a chronograph, you might want to think twice before opening your wallet. You don’t want something that takes a long look before you can read it!

3. Movement (Calibre)

Chronographs come in different tiers of movements (or calibres): quartz, in-house, and third-party, among others.

The price of a chronograph is largely dictated by its calibre, so make sure to look for one that fits your budget.

Quartz remains one of the most common movements present in most types of watches. It’s the cheapest option out there because it doesn’t come with the artistic and technical craftsmanship usually found in high-end chronographs.

If you’re looking for a chronograph with a topnotch design, then you might want to look for one with an in-house calibre. Most of these come with functional designs as well, on top of striking visuals.

In terms of repair costs, you’re going to benefit from third-party chronographs in the long run. Most of their replacement parts are readily available, so the costs will definitely not go beyond your budget.

Some collectors also believe that third-party chronographs are sturdier compared to counterparts. There’s still some debate about this, though.

Anyway, the configurations that we mentioned are all worth checking out. Your choice will ultimately come down to your budget and preference.

The Best Chronographs in Singapore

So, are you ready to see some of the best chronographs in Singapore that every watch lover and collection should have? If so, then continue reading below!

1.   Fossil Grant Chronograph

Best for Affordability

Fossil Grant Chronograph

Price: $90.00

Check It Out on Shopee

If you’re looking for the most budget-friendly chronograph, then look no further than the Fossil Grant Chronograph. It costs $200 on standard retail price, but when it’s on sale, you can get your hands on it for only $90!

It might be cheap, but we can guarantee that it’s one of the most durable chronographs out there. It’s made from scratch-resistant glass and high-end metal for its body, and genuine leather for the strap.

Some of the reasons we consider it one of the best chronographs in Singapore are that it’s  water-proof and weather-resistant — which is a quite rare feat for a budget chronograph.

On top of that, the Fossil Grant Chronograph comes with a 2-year local warranty, so in case there’s a factor error, customers can have it repaired or replaced for free.

For a budget-friendly chronograph, all these features are quite impressive, so we strongly recommend purchasing the Fossil Grant Chronograph.


  • Affordable
  • Made from premium materials
  • With 2-year local warranty


  • Stock is limited

2.   Casio Edifice Chronograph

Best for Versatility

Casio Edifice Chronograph

Price: $175.00

Check It Out on Shopee

Casio has always been one of the most trusted names in timepieces, so it’s no surprise that we consider one of its products one of the best chronographs in Singapore. Here’s the Casio Edifice Chronograph, and we believe that every watch lover should check it out.

For one, the Casio Edifice Chronograph is priced pretty cheap. There aren’t a lot of reputable brands selling chronographs for such an affordable price, so make sure to grab the chance while you still can.

In terms of design, the Casio Edifice Chronograph features a combination of sporty and classy looks that makes it a perfect companion for all occasions. You can use it while working out and then drop by a formal event with it later at night.

More than that, the Casio Edifice Chronograph comes with a full-face liquid crystal digital display that allows users to see its watch face clearly, without having to squint.

Other additional features that come with it are temperature readings, world time, lamp function, lap time memories, and of course, 100-meter water-resistance level.


  • Versatile design
  • Crystal digital display
  • 100m water resistance


  • Doesn’t feel as sturdy as other chronographs

3.   Seiko Chronograph Black Dial

Best for Durability

Seiko Chronograph Black Dial

Price: $131.50

Check It Out on Shopee

If you’re after the best chronographs in Singapore that can last for a long time, then you might want to check out the Seiko Chronograph Black Dial. It’s a chronograph designed to accompany watch lovers for the years to come.

It features a Japanese quartz movement with an analog display that makes it easier to see the watch face clearly. It comes with a genuine, hypoallergenic leather band too, so rest assured that it won’t trigger any skin rashes.

In terms of specs, the Seiko Chronograph Black Dial is a little behind… because it was released in early 2017. However, we still consider it a steal because it comes with additional features that aren’t present even in the newly-released models.

Some of the other features of the Seiko Chronograph Black Dial include a crystal-clear watch face, luminous hands, Arabic numeric indices, three chronograph subdials, and a whole lot more.


  • Durable build
  • Budget-friendly watch
  • Made with a stainless steel case
  • 100-m water resistance level 


  • Specs are a bit outdated

Customer Reviews

Here are some of the comments of people who have bought the Seiko Chronograph Black Dial:

“I am a watch collector and own over 50 different Seiko’s. The main reason I purchased this was the size. Over the years many companies to include Seiko have been increasing the size of their Chronographs to beyond the 43mm case size. I was pleased to have seen this and discovered that it’s 40mm with a true 20mm band (not 21 or some in between size).”

“Seiko is one of those movements that you can’t go wrong with. From the low end all the way to the higher end pieces you can be assured of precision and quality of product. This piece is great, I don’t particularly have a big arm so this sits well because it is not one of those huge monstrosities i have seen out there. It can pass for a dress watch if matched with a white shirt and black jacket but it all depends with the wearer’s taste. I like it and I’d recommend it for anyone who is looking for high quality at a lower price end.”


4.   Citizen Eco-Drive Chronograph

Best for Classic Design<

Citizen Eco-Drive Chronograph

Price: $385.20

Check It Out on Shopee

One of the reasons that Citizen Eco-Drive Chronograph ended up on our list of the best chronographs in Singapore is the fact that it has the classic, timeless look that every watch collector would die for.

On top of that, its overall build is made from high-end, premium stainless steel and mineral glass. Both of these materials have been proven to be durable, so expect that the Citizen Eco-Drive Chronograph will be with you for the years to come!

It’s also one of the few chronographs that source its power from both natural and artificial light — which is why it’s also called an eco-friendly chronograph. It throws away the need to use disposable and wasteful batteries!

To top it all off, the Citizen Eco-Drive Chronograph comes with a water-resistance level of 100 meters. It even has an overcharge prevention function that alerts the user once it’s already fully charged!


  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Uses natural and artificial light
  • Made from high-end stainless steel


  • Limited lifespan

Customer Reviews

Take a look at some of the reviews posted on Amazon:

“Amazing looking and high quality watch. Craftsmanship is excellent. My husband loves it. Took to the local watch shop to get the band adjusted. He says it’s super comfy to wear and light.”

“I am very satisfied with this watch. The watch was easy to set and use because the instructions by Citizen are easy to understand and follow. The watchband was easy to adjust to my wrist size at my local watch & jewelry store. This watch is very easy to see all functions. I highly recommend Citizen to my friends and family.”


5.   Maserati Traguardo Chronograph

Best for Modern Design

Maserati Traguardo Chronograph

Price: $400.00

Check It Out on Shopee

If you’re willing to spend for a quality chronograph, then we strongly recommend checking out the Maserati Traguardo Chronograph. It comes with a higher price compared to the other options in our list, but it’s still cheaper compared to truly high-end chronographs.

In terms of design, we believe that the Maserati Traguardo Chronograph takes the top spot. It features a modern, elegant, yet sporty design similar to the look of a Maserati.

It comes with a 45mm steel case with a black dial and a genuine black leather strap too, making its design more prominent.

More than that, the Maserati Traguardo Chronograph is a watch that was designed to weather harsh conditions and pass the test of time. It’s made from premium stainless steel and scratch-resistant minerals.

It’s also an ideal chronograph to use with different water activities because of its 330-foot level of water resistance. In fact, it’s used by a lot of professional divers in Singapore!


  • Durable build
  • Maserati-like design
  • Ideal for water-related sports


  • Expensive

6. Modernist Chronograph Quartz Leather Strap Men Watch

Price: $355.14

Check It Out On Solvil Et Titus

Since 1887, Solvil and Titus have designed and manufactured watches representing personal identity, regardless of taste or lifestyle, and express the most profound affection, regardless of the moment or event.
They make each piece with the utmost care, passion, creativity, and expertise to give you only the finest chronograph.

They offer various styles to choose from, but one that actually hits the mark is their Modernist Chronograph Quartz Leather Strap Men Watch. It is crafted with Genuine Leather, Japan-made Quartz, and Mineral Glass to give you that timeless and elegant look.

When you buy this Modernist Chronograph Quartz Leather Strap Men Watch, you will also enjoy a 2-year warranty to guarantee that you enjoy its optimal functionality and benefits. They can also bring this to you anywhere you are in the world, not just Singapore!


  • Made of high-quality genuine leather
  • Mineral glass
  • 316L Stainless Steel


  • Water-resistant up to 5 ATM only
  • Expensive

And with that, we conclude our list of the best chronographs in Singapore. If you’ve already decided which one to get, don’t hesitate to share with us your pick!

If you know other chronographs with impressive specs and builds, share their names with us and we’ll check if we can add them to our roster

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