Best Christmas Gift Ideas in Singapore
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22 Best Christmas Gift Ideas in Singapore for Everyone

With the holidays approaching, it’s time again to start looking for the best Christmas gift ideas in Singapore!

There are a lot of things we can choose from in this shopping mecca, fortunately. But that very wealth of choice may well end up delaying your purchase, as it can be overwhelming.h

So, to help you with that, we’ve put together a list of the best Christmas gift ideas in Singapore. These are the ideal Singapore gift ieas if you want to provide thoughtful presents to your loved ones this Christmas but don’t quite know what to get for them. 

1. ErgoTune Supreme V3

Price: $509.00

Shop Now On their Website

For ladies out there searching for one of the most creative gifts for him, ErgoTune Supreme V3 might be the best for you. It is a well tailored chair perfect for people sitting long hours on their desk and for gamers who are looking for a comfortable seat to rely on. 

The seat itself was manufactured with the aim of fitting to their client’s body type with their 11 adjustment points and DuraWeave™  hybrid mesh producing a durable but breathable fabric. Of Course there would be a few outliers here and there and that’s why they also offer a 21-day risk free return so that their client’s can enjoy minimum fuss and full coverage. 

We like how it is easy to set up, with 6 easy steps we were able to hastily set it up. The instructions were included in the box which greatly aided us on the endeavor. Additionally, it is BIFMA tested and is OEKO-TEX approved for sensitive skin and allergies. 

After purchasing ErgoTune Supreme V3  expect free shipping along with a 12 year warranty for their products. We highly recommend their products as one of the best Christmas gifts in Singapore for everyone of all ages alike. 


  • TriTuneTM 3D adjustable headrest with angled tilt lock of up to 60°
  • ATLASTM Lumbar Support’s customizable support resistance adjustable to 3 settings
  • GyroBrace™ 5D armrest that’s capable of rotating up to 270° 
  • DuraWeave™  hybrid-mesh upholstery for its strong yet breathable mesh

Customer Reviews

Here are some reviews from their previous clients

“Prompt delivery. Well made. Clear instructions. Easy to put together. Comfortable. My back is getting the support it needs. I am less distracted and so more productive. One of my smarter purchases. Thank you.” 

“The amount of adjustments that can be made is hands down the most outstanding feature for me. As someone who lives with hypermobility and chronic pain I love that it’s easy to make modifications each time I sit down based on how my body is going that day. Worth every penny!”

2. HeavenLuxe Premium Bundle Set

Price: $309.00

Shop Now On their Website

Treat your loved ones and friends to an excellent night’s sleep with Heavenluxe’s Premium Bundle Set. Made with award-winning 100% Austrian Tencel, Heavenluxe’s sheets are sure to give anyone the ultimate relaxing experience from the comfort of their bed every single night. Their moisture-wicking and breathable 100% Austrian Tencel keeps you feeling cool even in warm weather!

The Heavenluxe Bundle Set comes in an exclusive gift packaging, making your Christmas gifting easy and fuss-free. It is available in 4 colors – white, grey, sapphire, and pastel pink, and 6 sizes – single, super single, queen, king, super king, and california king.

Share the joy of a relaxing sleep with your loved ones and friends this Christmas with Heavenluxe! Use the code “BEST50” for SGD50 off your premium bundle set or premium sheet set purchase.


  • 100% Organic, Hypoallergenic & Eco-Friendly
  • 3x more breathable than silk
  • 7x softer than Egyptian cotton
  • Comes in gift packaging

Customer Reviews

Here are a few testimonials from their page:

Soft and cooling! Sheets came quickly and well-wrapped. It also feels really soft, cooling and comfortable! Defo having trouble getting out of bed since getting it (in a good way!)”

“Good quality material. Got a premium bundle set which consists of pillow covers, bed sheet and we got duvet cover as well. It feels so nice, soft and luxurious. Definitely love it! Nice packaging and delivery too.”

“Hotel bed experience at home. I’m so excited when I opened up the Heavenluxe products because their packaging is so pretty that I can’t help but to take a picture of it! The material is so soft and cooling so nice. Would like to get more bed sheet so I can have spares.”

3. Alskar

Price: $20.95 – $25.85

Shop Now On their website

Alskar has been serving Singaporeans since 2013. Over the years, they have built a reputation for bringing together the best ideas, materials, manufacturing technology, and trends worldwide to find the perfect gift for any occasion.

In comparison to other shops, they source all of their raw materials from different countries like the United States, China, Korea, and Italy. They design and manufacture at their facility, thus offering distinctive and affordable products.

Their shop almost has everything anyone can think of giving as a gift. From personalized wedding robes, fashion accessories to insulated tumblers and jigsaw puzzles, they got you.

We recommend them because most of their previous buyers gave them 5-stars.

A product that people love right now is their Personalised Radiant Jute Recycle Shopping Bag. You can customize it as much as you want, from its color, font color, font style, and if you prefer to have your name printed on both sides.


  • High-quality printing
  • Fast Delivery
  • Affordable

Customer Reviews

Here are some reviews from their previous customers:

“Product as described and delivery was fast. The seller was also approachable and friendly. Recommended seller!”

“Very fast and efficient service! Item delivered in a perfect and beautiful parcel! Nicely printed and pretty as a gift! Thanks a million ❤️”

“The necklace arrived in tremendous condition! The shipping was smooth and swift. The seller’s friendly and accommodating. The quality of the product is excellent and a bang for your buck. Overall, it was a pleasant experience. Thank you”

4. Personalised Items

Price: Starts at $8

Shop Now On their website

If you want a gift to celebrate your friendship with someone, Printcious might have what you’re looking for. It’s a printing shop that personalises any item that you can think of, from throw pillows down to coffee mugs.

Other people may consider personalised items a thing of the past, we think giving one is a sweet and sincere gesture. It’s a common gift idea among older people, so surprising your parents with a personalised mug will definitely make them smile.

Printcious also offers personalised gift sets, which typically include a shirt, mug, mouse pads, and a set of pins. You can add other items to the set as well, like phone cases, keychains, cushions, puzzles, and even pillows.

Another reason to consider giving personalised gifts is their budget-friendly price. On top of that, Printcious rewards its customers with discounts as large as 80% off, proving that there’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars for a gift.


  • Custom-made gifts
  • Frequent promos and discounts
  • Responsive customer service

Customer Reviews

Here are some reviews from their previous customers:

“Good quality and nice printing”

“Love the quality and fast services”

“Super satisfied with the outcome”

5. Scented Candles 

Price: $40.00

Shop Now On Sally’s Room

Once home, everyone wants to be welcomed by a relaxing, comfortable atmosphere. An aromatic scent that soothes the mind and body can help establish such an ambience.

With Sally’s Room Candle Gift Sets, you can give your loved ones three kinds of scents that can be placed in certain areas of their home.

The best thing about it is that you can choose your preferred scent option for each candle. Aside from this set, they also have diffusers, candle accessories, and many other craft materials.

All of their products are handmade and well-crafted. They also offer corporate gifts to which you can add customisations in order to make them more personal.

And if you’re interested in making candles, they have workshops and online classes. This could be the best Christmas gift idea in Singapore if you want to make a personalised present for your family and friends! 


  • Handmade candles
  • Personalized options

Customer Reviews

Most customers who have purchased candles from Sally’s Room recommended the shop for its unique, charming, and healing scent. Many even have their own favourite scents.

They’ve also stated that the packaging and presentation are excellent. A reviewer gave this high-rated feedback on the brand’s official Facebook account:

“Ordered from you the floral soy candles & tealight candles. They were absolutely lovely and I love the scent and how it lingers in my room. Thanks for the free sample of a garden party and green tea. Definitely gonna purchase from you again!” 

6. Assorted Cookies

Shop Now On Cookie Museum

If you’re looking for corporate gift ideas in Singapore for the holidays, The Cookie Museum has the best treats you can ever give to any team or company!

They’re also affordable so it wouldn’t hurt to buy a bunch of their products and attach a personalised greeting card to make the present more special.

This is one of the best Christmas gift ideas in Singapore if your recipient has a special appreciation for the local flavours and delicacies. The tastes and designs of these goods represent the gastronomic heritage of the country.

They have a lot of available selections to choose from. Many are inspired by the nation’s favourite tidbits and sweets.

Since each cookie celebrates the traditional flavours of Singapore, it might be a good idea to give them as gifts for your foreign friends. This will let them know the beauty of the country’s cuisine as well as explore the island’s history using their palates.

This isn’t to say Singapore natives won’t love it too, of course. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, this will definitely be a delight for you!


  • Locally-made cookies
  • Affordable prices 

Customer Reviews

Customers said they were able to taste authentic Singaporean cuisine through The Cookie Museum’s originally-crafted cookies. Some even stated that they feel as though they’ve been spreading the beautiful culture of Singapore by giving out these cookies.

Overall, the reviews from satisfied customers show why this product is one of the best Christmas gift ideas in Singapore. A reviewer from Google Reviews recommended the brand and gave this feedback, for example:

“The Cookie Museum sells unique and signature Singaporean cookies that you cannot buy anywhere in the World. There are so many favours including the World 1st and Singapore voted the best chilly crab biscuits. The are many amazing favours including Midori honey melon and Nasi lemak. There is one unique favour called Singapore sling which is a signature drink created by the Raffles Hotel. There are 4 shops in Singapore (Jewel Changi Airport, Marina Square, Raffle City and Takashimaya). Each shop sells its unique favours. Staff are very helpful and patient and offer you to try these amazing cookies. Each can have more than 25 biscuits and costs about SGD $48. The smaller tin has 15 cookies and costs $28. I highly recommend you to visit these shops and try these unique cookies.”

7. Bath Towels

 Price: $4.50

 Shop Now On Shopee

Bath towels may seem a little cliche at first but the fact is, they’re given out so often because they’re useful. You can never go wrong with an item that recipients can use every day.

That’s why the bath towel is still one of the best Christmas gift ideas in Singapore. And if you want to give someone a bath towel this Christmas, we’ve found the perfect towels for it!

Premium Organic Cotton Baby Bath Towels are made from 100% pure cotton that is suitable for even a baby’s skin. These are ultra-soft, breathable, and highly-absorbent bath towels anyone would be happy to use.

They’re designed with honeycomb-styled muslin cotton and contain no chemicals in their composition. They’re also luxuriously thick due to a 6-layer cotton gauze.

So, give your friends or your friends’ babies a relaxing bath and warm sleep with these towels! They’re sure to warm their hearts too!


  • 100% pure cotton
  • Highly-absorbent
  • No chemical composition

8. Books

Shop Now On The Novel Encounter

For the book lovers, wouldn’t it be nice to share your favourite stories with friends who also love to read?

The Novel Encounter features unique storytelling that can sweep you off your feet. They offer original stories that you can customise with a typewritten card.

The most mind-blowing and impressive thing about this brand is that they can make you personalised typewritten poetry. This sort of romantic personalisation explains why it can be the best Christmas gift idea in Singapore.

In just a span of 5 minutes, you can have a meaningful present to give to your loved ones. You only need to name three words that you would like to have in the poem and the author will have it ready in no time.

They travel across Singapore and hold events for people who are fans of poems and calligraphy. And think about it — what would be a greater gift than thoughtful words that can reach the hearts of your loved ones?


  • Personalized typewritten poetry
  • Original stories

9. Wines

Price: Starts at $44.00

Shop Now at Wines Wholesales

Any celebration, big or small, required a bottle of fine wine. So, this coming Christmas, why don’t you get the party started by opening a few bottles of wine in different flavours and types brought to you by Wines Wholesales.

They have one of the largest selection of wines and champagnes in Singapore, 1800 and adding more.

Their extensive range of wine selection include red, white, sparkling, fortified, sweet, etc. Whichever you want, the shop promises to send them to you in the best quality. 

These wines are sourced from different parts of the world like France, Chile, Germany, Australia, USA, among others.

Make the most out of your purchase by availing their free delivery service for as long as you order with a total amount of $600.


  • Affordable wine selection
  • International and local wines
  • Retail or wine hampers

10. Adventure Pass

Shop Now on Magicbox

If you’re thinking of making this year’s Christmas a bit different from the previous ones you’ve had, you should definitely check out what Magicbox has to offer. Their gift boxes are filled with surprises made especially for the brave hearts.

More than the material gifts, Magicbox enables you to gift experiences that your loved ones and friends will cherish for a lifetime.

Recipients have numerous options to choose from like Bungee Jumping, Wakeboarding Sessions, VR Experience, Cooking Lessons, Art Workshops, and a lot more.

This kind of gift is also perfect for companies who are yet to decide what to give to their employees this year.

With Magicbox, recipients can enjoy their Christmas mornings with their friends and families doing some adventurous activities that they don’t usually get to experience.

Giving someone the gift of adventure or experience is one of the best Christmas gift ideas in Singapore that will be appreciated by everyone.


  • Unique adventures for all ages
  • Competitive rates
  • Fun-filled experiences in different niches
  • Valid for 12 months
  • Easy, fuss-free redemption process

11. Glass Dome Candles

Price: $70.00

Shop Now at Artisan of Sense

Candles are perfect if you want to meditate or just simply want to have a calming environment. This, of course, can be matched with arts and aesthetics just like what Artisan of Sense did for their candle products.

Aside from offering the classics, they also introduce their Glass Dome Candles which are perfect as a display for your homes or offices.

Not only will these Glass Dome Candles make your space aesthetically pleasing, but it will also save you from possible fire brought by unattended candles.

These products also come in different scents which you can freely choose from.


  • Luxurious glass dome displays
  • Bespoke candles

12. Chocolates

Price: Starts at $8.50 SGD

Shop Now at Hello Chocolate

One cannot possibly argue that chocolate is one of the best gifts to give on Christmas. Aside from its delightful taste, it also symbolises love, happiness, and relaxation that everyone truly deserves during this Yuletide season.

While many shops across Singapore take pride in their collection of chocolates, there’s one that truly stands out because of the proven high quality and scrumptiousness of their chocolate products and that is Hello Chocolate.

Not only do they have a wide range of luxurious chocolate selection, but these are also offered at very affordable prices.

What’s best about their service is their reliable delivery which you may choose whether you want a same day, next day, or regular delivery all over Singapore.


  • Large selection of chocolates
  • Fast international delivery
  • Membership perks

13. Arts and Crafts

Shop Now at Craft Room

If you want a more personal gift this coming Christmas, you may opt to visit the shop for Craft Room and discover some of the most artistic gift ideas perfect for any occasions and for all ages.

From portrait keychains to personalized mugs, everything is 100% hand crafted to perfectly mimic any image you want them to paint or print.

Just give them a photo of the recipient or any image that you want them to draw or paint and they will beautifully copy that in a paper canvass or any item you prefer.

So, for those who are into arts and crafts, make sure to check out the collection of Craft Room and make someone smile on Christmas.


  • 100% handcrafted
  • Artistic and personalized

14. Scented Candles

Price: Starts at $108.00

Shop Now on Rushlight Candle

Enjoy a variety of refreshing scents oozing within your home from lighted candles exclusively made by Rushlight Candle. They have a wide options of scented candles from the classic to customized.

Their candle products are specialised homemade soy wax candles as gifts, vegan and cruelty free. Plus, whatever design and color you want, the shop promises to provide you with the best version of it.

The shop will also happily accommodate last minute orders, as you wish.

If you want to learn how to make these kinds of candles, Rushlight Candle offers workshops exclusively handled by their team.

While it’s true that candles appear in almost all lists of Christmas gift ideas in Singapore, there’s a good reason for that. They really serve as feel-good safe presents to give to anyone.


  • Environmentally-safe candles
  • 100% handmade and customized products
  • Customised wedding gifts and corporate gift

15. Luggage Outlet – Customised Luggage and Bags

Price: Enquire for a quote

Shop now at the Luggage Outlet

Looking to buy customised luggage bags in bulk? Why not consider Luggage Outlet and its variety of personalisation options for bags of all kinds.

It doesn’t matter if you want a hard case or soft case for gifts, Luggage Outlet will find a way to make the luggage bag stand out for the receipients. Check out the options they have on-hand and visit their website today.


  • Personalised luggage bags
  • Accommodates both soft case and hard case bags
  • Various customisation methods available
  • High-quality services

16. Tee-Saurus Eco-Friendly Holographic Sketchbooks

Price: $9.90 (Originally $18.90)

Shop now at Tee-Saurus

Next on our Christmas gift ideas list is an item that will surely brighten any aspiring or established artist’s Christmas. Tee-Saurus’ Eco-Friendly Holographic Sketchbooks come in various designs, all of which are made with holographic foils showcasing motivational quotes.

This sketchbook is limited edition, and that no two designs are exactly the same. Budding artists can easily show off their individuality with the outer design, and let their creativity flow on the high-quality paper that exists within each sketchbook. 


  • Made from recycled materials
  • Wide variety of designs

17. Happy Bunch Customised Gift Box

Price: From $15

Check Out Happy Bunch

There’s nothing better than a gift box containing items that are especially chosen according to the recipient’s taste. This is the idea behind Happy Bunch’s Customised Gift Boxes, which come in two forms: Kraft and Luxe. 

Happy Bunch also offers a wide array of items that can be put inside the gift box. Snacks, tea, alcoholic drinks, candles, scents, and skin care items are only some to name a few. 


  •  Free delivery
  • Large selection of inclusions
  • Holds a maximum of 15 items
  • Can include personalised message

18. Air Purifiers

Price: $219.00

Check Out Their Website

Shop Now On Amazon

This holiday season, give your loved ones a practical gift that they will surely use! Aside from relieving symptoms of asthma, air purifiers also eliminate harmful chemicals from indoor environments and neutralise unpleasant odorus. Finding the right one can admittedly be difficult, which is why we are highly recommending one that is loved and used by many.

Airfree® applies the same concept as boiling water by using high heat to destroy microorganisms which attains 99.99% air sterilisation efficiency at the Airfree® air outlet. Their Thermodynamic TSSTM Technology destroys airborne bacteria, viruses, mould, organic allergens and all airborne microorganisms at temperatures of 200°C.

If you’re having a hard time looking for Christmas gifts for her or him, this is the ideal present for all genders.


  • Kills allergies, most viruses, air pollutants and all microorganisms using heat up to 200 degrees Celsius.
  • Maintenance free – No HEPA filter required
  • Completely Silent – No sound at all
  • Low Energy consumption – same energy as a house fan
  • Light in weight, small in size and very portable
  • 2 year local warranty
  • Made in Europe

Customer Reviews

If you’re still having second thoughts on buying their products, then here’s a few reviews of what people have to say about their most recent purchase:

“I hate noise when I’m trying to sleep. I bought this & it is completely silent. I just bought another for the dining room & kitchen. Much better air! My eyes were watering two days ago. Gone! The only downside is that you can’t turn off the night light!”

“20 years of using air purifiers back up my opinion that this unit is the best I’ve ever used. It’s even more remarkable that it’s filterless, and most of all, the quality of its work has not appeared to diminish over the past 6 months I’ve been using it. Very impressed.”

19. Honeyspree Gift Boxes

Price: $15.90

Check Out Honeyspree

If there’s anything that’s better than receiving a gift, it’s receiving two (or maybe more) gifts. One perfect example of this is Honeyspree’s “Healthy Vibes” gift box, which is filled with healthy goodies that’s perfect for families and friends you can’t visit this holiday season just yet.

This gift box contains 30 grams of multi-floral honey, a honey dipper, a hand sanitizer, and a jar of chicken essence. Overall, we find that this makes an ideal COVID-19 care kit to remind your loved ones to stay safe.

Similarly, Honeyspree also has different gift box variations to suit a variety of recipients of different personalities. Whether you’re planning to give a present to your grandma who likes mahjong or perhaps to an eco-conscious friend, then Honeyspree has something for them.

For orders below $120, they only charge a standard delivery fee of $10.

Unfortunately, they don’t deliver to international locations as of the moment. But if you’re based abroad, you can always purchase a gift box to send to your loved ones, no matter where they are in Singapore.


  • Wide range of gift boxes
  • Free shipping for orders above $120
  • Multiple deliveries permitted
  • Delivers anywhere in Singapore
  • Allows personalised messages

20. Lush Glass Door

Price: $49.90

Check Out Lush Glass Door

If you’re looking for a gift for a green thumb or simple plant lover, then we recommend checking out Lush Glass Door.

Lush Glass Door is an online store that specializes in making and selling terrariums and other gifts. They propagate the idea of living your life in a more sustainable way and offer a variety of environmentally-friendly products for people to buy.

Some of their products include succulents, pre-made terrariums, and DIY terrariums. Each and every product from Lush Glass Door features quality materials, ensuring that they’ll last a long while.

Additionally, Lush Glass Door holds various terrarium workshops for individuals, couples, families, friends and companies. Here, you can learn about the proper creation, care, and maintenance of terrariums.

For online orders, Lush Glass Door offers free shipping for anything that totals to $120 and above. Self-collection is also available.


  • Wide range of gifts for every occasion
  • Gifts starting from $8.90
  • Customisable gift items
  • Free shipping for orders above $120
  • Self-collection available

21. Cyberlite Books Pte. Ltd.

Price: $8.00 & $15.00

Check Out Cyberlite Books Pte. Ltd.

Founded by Michelle Yao and Nina Bual, Cyberlite Books Pte. Ltd. aims to deliver a positive impact to the world through education and play. This makes them best for gifting interactive workbooks that promote cybersafety and diversity, equity, and inclusion to adults and children as young as eight years old.

Cyberlite Books offer interactive paperback books and ebooks that are classified under cybersafety as well as diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Electronic books are priced at $8.00 while paperback books cost $15.00.

Aside from products that promote their advocacy, Cyberlite Books has also worked with various institutions such as the government, enterprises, and foundations.

They are also recognized by the Media Literacy Council, The Straits Time, Acronis, KeyBank, Sophos, and other reputable organizations.


  • Unique gifts that promote positive impact to individuals of all ages, especially children
  • Affordable gifts
  • Offers ebooks and paperbacks
  • Social enterprise

22. FNP

Price: S$ 37 to S$ 7999

Check Out on their Website

FNP is a leading online florist and gifting brand that offers an extensive range of collections of fresh flowers and gifts. So if you want to make your loved one smile and their day complete, we can tell you that this is the ultimate way to do that.

Aside from only selling Christmas gifts, they also offer items that can basically fit into any event. What makes them even better compared to other companies is the fact that as a big company, they still have extra time when it comes to the personalization of the flowers.

We love how they are basically that one-stop-shop wherein you can get everything that is related to gifting.

Now that we all know making your loved one feel special, they are not the only ones that can receive this kind of love. Whether it is your family, friends, or even your pets, you can get them something from this shop!

In comparison to other companies, they offer flower bundles and gift bundles. Given these, you will definitely save more money and use it for other things that are way more important.


  • Offers same day flower delivery
  • Can buy from them the last minute
  • Accepts payments via VISA, Mastercards, Paypal, and AMEX

Now, whether you give your loved ones individualised poetry or bath towels, keep in mind that it’s the thought that counts. Remember that the best Christmas gift ideas in Singapore are always the ones that best fit their recipients.

By the way, if your loved ones are far away this Christmas, make sure to not miss out the chance of sending your love with these best gift delivery services in Singapore. That way, you’ll still be able to show your appreciation for them, no matter the distance between you.