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3 Best Annulment Lawyers in Singapore:An Annulment Guide

Going through an annulment in Singapore will never be easy for couples, so it’s best to be supported by your friends, loved ones, and a dependable legal team. It’s certainly harder if you’re clueless about the entire process and whom to ask for legal help.

That’s why we decided to write a guide to annulment in Singapore. In this guide, we’ll tackle how annulment differs from divorce, the requirements to go through it, and the best annulment lawyers in Singapore.

In other words, we’re here to make annulment just a little bit easier with our guide to an annulment in Singapore.

Anyway, let’s start with the difference between annulment and divorce!

Annulment VS. Divorce

Annulment and divorce have the same effect when it comes to forfeiting a marriage, but there’s a difference in how they treat a marriage.

When a couple gets divorced, both parties are still recognised to have been married to each other previously. Annulment, on the other hand, acknowledges that there was never a marriage between the concerned parties.

In fact, among the key distinctions of annulment in Singapore is that the union between 2 people was never legal. It aims to prove that their marriage shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

If it sounds like annulment is more complicated than divorce, that’s correct — it surely can be! Allow us to expound on the nuances of an annulment to show you why.

For a marriage to be qualified for annulment, both parties have to prove to the court that their marriage wasn’t legitimate to begin with. Here are a few instances that can be grounds for an annulment in Singapore:

  • One of the spouses lied about their age, being previously married, or having committed a serious crime in the past.
  • One of the spouses lacked the mental capacity to agree to the union.
  • One of the spouses is incurably impotent, and the other spouse wasn’t informed about it.
  • Both parties are within the prohibited degrees of relationship, such as being cousins or siblings.
  • Their marriage was held in a place not registered to perform the ceremony.
  • The woman was pregnant with another man’s child.
  • The marriage hasn’t been consummated because of the incapacity of both parties or either.

On top of that, there are the terms “void marriage” and “voidable marriage” in annulment. The former refers to a marriage that isn’t legal in the first place, while the latter is an invalid marriage that can continue until either party files for an annulment.

Meanwhile, when it comes to divorce, couples only need to prove that their marriage has irretrievably broken down to qualify for it.

Here are some instances that count as grounds for divorce:

  • A spouse has committed adultery, and the other party finds it hard to live with him or her.
  • A spouse has abandoned their partner for a period of more than 2 years.
  • A spouse has behaved in a manner that makes it difficult to live with him or her.
  • You and your spouse have been living separately for a period of more than 5 years.

If you’ve decided to push through with your annulment, here are some of the things and requirements that you need to keep in mind.

The Best Annulment Lawyers in Singapore

Of course, you also need an annulment lawyer. Going through an annulment in Singapore can get a little easier when you’re protected by the best annulment lawyers in Singapore.

We searched all over the island in search of the best annulment lawyers in Singapore. Check them out below to know how to get in touch with them!


1.   IRB Law

IRB Law's Homepage

BEST FOR Dedicated and Competent Lawyers
EXPERTISE Annulment, Personal Injury Law, Debt Collection, Divorce Law, Family Law, Will Writing, Civil Litigation, and Employment Law
ADDRESS 119 Jln Sultan, Singapore 199007
CONTACT DETAILS +65 6298 2537
OPERATING HOURS Monday – Friday, 9:30 AM – 6:00 PM

Tagged one of the best law firms on the island by both individual and corporate clients, IRB Law is known for employing some of the best annulment lawyers in Singapore. If you ever find yourself in conflict with your partner, don’t hesitate to ask for their help!

IRB Law provides free, no-obligation consultation for clients who want to know how to go about their annulment, the process involved, and how it can possibly affect their families.

Other areas that IRB Law can help with are criminal law, probate law, commercial law, divorce law, employment law, and more.


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  • 8 years of experience

Customer Reviews

Take a look at what its previous clients had to say about its services:

“We engaged Sam Foo to assist with our adoption process. I must say what a smooth process and transaction it was. Very patient on processes and gave us the confidence that everything will go well. Thank you so much as we received our aim out of the whole process.”

“Fazal and team did an excellent job on my divorce case. Upon handling my case for almost 2 years Fazal was patient and advised me wisely. Very professional, friendly, listen and understand the situation. Overall I’m satisfied and glad to get him handling my case. Strongly recommended.”



YEOLAW's Homepage

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EXPERTISE Annulment, Divorce, and Family Law
ADDRESS 101A Upper Cross Street #12-13 People’s Park Centre, Singapore 058358
CONTACT DETAILS +65 6220 3400
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YEOLAW is among the few law firms on the island that specialise in annulment, divorce, and other family matters, backed up by a team of the best annulment lawyers in Singapore.

We strongly recommend checking out their services if you ever find yourself in legal trouble with your spouse or family members.

More than that, YEOLAW offers full-range and affordable legal services for all sorts of family and spouse-related situations. You won’t have to worry about shelling out a huge sum as it guarantees cheap yet competitive services.

Another reason we adore YEOLAW is the fact that it’s received countless awards and accolades for its work in the legal industry in Singapore.


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3.   Loh Eben Ong Lawyers

Loh Eben Ong Lawyers' Homepage

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EXPERTISE Annulment, Divorce, Family Law, Commercial Law, Criminal Law, Probate Law, Property Law, and Intellectual Property Law
ADDRESS 135, #05-11 Middle Rd, Bylands Building, Singapore 188975
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If you’re looking for a law firm with an extensive range of services, then look no further than Loh Eben Ong Lawyers. Some of the legal areas it can help in are criminal law, commercial law, family law, probate law, property law, divorce, and annulment.

It’s made up of a large team of the best and brightest lawyers in Singapore, all of whom have years of practice under their belts. However, we think that it houses some of the best annulment lawyers in Singapore, too.

For one, it’s helped thousands of clients escape from miserable marriages through its expertise in annulment and divorce. It truly comes as no surprise that it’s among the most recommended law firms for an annulment in Singapore.


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What are the Requirements for Annulment in Singapore?

Citizenship will not be an issue because the law doesn’t require couples to be Singaporean to have an annulment.

However, both of them must have resided in Singapore for at least 3 years prior to the filing of annulment.

Arranging the requirements for your annulment is relatively easy, but most of it will rest on the evidence that proves your marriage wasn’t legal or legitimate in the first place.

The evidence for each marriage varies depending on what grounds you’re filing an annulment for. If you’re claiming that your marriage is voidable because it’s never been consummated, then you’d need to provide evidence that supports your claim.

Otherwise, the court will not see it as a voidable marriage and will refuse to grant an annulment. It’s also worth noting that reliable evidence may be great, but it doesn’t guarantee that the court will accept the annulment.

What’s the Process of Annulment in Singapore?

Annulment in Singapore can be considered a two-step process, one that isn’t easy to get through.

One of the considerations you have to remember is whether your spouse will agree to your application. If he or she doesn’t contest, you will be able to set a court hearing date as soon as possible.

The first part of an annulment in Singapore is where you have to submit and prove the claims for the grounds of annulment, leading to it getting granted by an Interim Judge.

You will also need to write a writ for annulment enclosed with other requirements such as statements of claim, statements of particulars, proposed parenting plan, agreed parenting plan, and matrimonial property plan.

After that, the second part involves the ancillary proceedings where the division of property and maintenance will be discussed.

If everything else goes well, your marriage will become officially annulled after it’s done.

How long does annulment take in Singapore?

Like all marriage separations, the annulment process depends on the complexity of the case. In Singapore, the process of annulment can take anywhere around 4 to 5 months. 

Do you need a lawyer to file for annulment in Singapore?

It is legally possible to represent yourself in annulment in Singapore, so a lawyer is technically not required. However, unless you are an annulment lawyer yourself, the process can be confusing and overwhelming. And this is why to save time and money, it is suggested you consult the services of any of the top annulment lawyers in Singapore above. 

And that’s it for our guide on how to go through an annulment in Singapore. We also hoped that you liked our picks for the best annulment lawyers in Singapore. If you’ve decided which one to go with, share your choice with us!

For more options, you might want to consult with the best divorce lawyers in Singapore. Most of these lawyers can also offer their services for couples who want to file for an annulment.